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Bonds Of Hate (2011)

by Andrew Ashling(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 2
Ormidon Publishing
Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse
review 1: I felt the "moral question was overly simplistic. The writing style was not particularly impressive, the editing was only so-so, and there was not as much to the story as I hoped.The secondary characters were also underdeveloped.What it did have going for it was an interesting main character and some clever storyline. In a sea of indie books, it isn't outstanding, but it is definitely a sign that the author has talent and is building on it. I don't think fans of thinking fantasy are going to love it, because they will see the holes in both the story and the writing.Also, I hate the cover. That guy doesn't look like a prince, he looks like someone's cousin from Kansas.
review 2: Ignoring the part where the narrator of the story is a perverted old man and th
... moree price for his tales is absurd, book one of the Invisible Chains, Bonds of Hate, is a good read. It tells the tale of the two youngest princes of Ximerion, Ehander and Anaxantis, and their trip to the Northern Marches. Here is where I stop and say that this is a story not meant for everyone as it contains taboos -incest, rape, bondage, etc, etc. But putting that to the side, as I am a fan of stories that break taboos and make them commonplace, I will continue on by saying that the characters are fleshed out and you care about them. When you can feel sympathy for the villain, when not three chapters ago, he was using the hero as a urinal, you have something special. Bonds of Hate also had a great tone that melded well with my favorite album for repeat of the time–AB III. At certain points, the tracks and chapters synched up perfectly. As I rarely read and listen to music in tandem, it freaked me out.Overall, Bonds of Hate is a great beginning to a trilogy. less
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Originally read on AarinfantasyThen July 13, 2012
Good book, very clever and well written.
Waiting until part 3 is out...
Kindle freebie 12/9/14
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