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Murder Misdirected (2012)

by Andrew MacRae(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 3
0983682364 (ISBN13: 9780983682363)
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review 1: This is a nice book if you like light murder mysteries with happy endings all tied up in a bow. I prefer mine more gritty and tense, but for a light read this is a decent choice. The plot is interesting, but could have had more intrigue around it. There was quite a variety of characters that were well described, with the protagonist a likable if somewhat hapless type. The writing moves along at a good clip, but some narrative is unnecessary and sometimes the spoken words are unnatural and more like the written word. With a decent plot and characters, this was a good first effort by the author. I would suggest if and as he becomes better at his craft, that he link up with a really good editor. That could be the difference in making the leap from a good beginner to exc... moreellent writer.
review 2: Murder Misdirected by Andrew MacRae is a brilliant San Francisco Noir mystery. I say brilliant because I never thought I would like an expert pick pocket. I will say that I really did like him but he was pick pocket. I will say that I really like him but he was pick pocket.The Kid is a well read, intelligent, has an exceptional memory but does not want to commit himself to regular work like bookkeeping. He has rules about which pockets to pick. He never steals from locals and he has a way to size up out of towners to make sure that they are carrying big bills. He has an interconnected group of friends, a bookstore owner, fellow pick pockets, police, strip show girls and an exceptional tailor who had been in a concentration camp. The Kid has his own set of ethics which allows him to pick pockets but to be protective of friends and is well respected by most. I love that this book was written in the 1st person, immediately, I was emerged in the world of pickpockets in San Francisco and did not want to lay this book down. I cared about his friends and identified to some extent with the bookstore owner. The Kid also has a wry sense of humor. The Kid gets himself in mess when he is picking pockets at trade show. He is a suspect in two murders, because he kept a credit card and used it for an evening with a high cost call girl. No explicit sex or language in this book. This book pushes forward with a kind hearted thief just great writing!I recommend this book to all love a mystery with great characters, a noir style and a touch of humor. less
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Loved this first novel mystery. An easy read, with just the right amount of humor and suspense.
An new archetype in the West Coast genre.
Nice tight story. I enjoyed it.
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