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Option To Kill (2012)

by Andrew Peterson(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 4
Thomas and Mercer
Nathan McBride
review 1: And yet another great read by Peterson. This book had all the action of the prior two. Nathan McBride exposes another side of himself that even he didn't realize he had. Without spoiling the story, he runs this operation nearly alone. I missed his major interaction with Harv but the story moved at a fast pace from page to page in spite of Harv's small roll...... As with his prior two books, I would strongly recommend this one. The only thing i'm disappointed in is the fact it's his last book. I certainly hope Peterson continues this series into the future.
review 2: This was a bit of a change in the series as the co-star of this one is a twelve year old girl named Lauren. Nathan gets a cry-for-help text from an unknown number but it uses his old CIA cod
... morees so he has to answer. From there the ride is pretty fast and a little scary. Nathan must protect this girl but it helps that she is a quick learner and, it turns out (not a spoiler alert), she is also related to him. Nathan becomes more and more human as time goes on and he returns to a more normal place in this world and Lauren really helps with this. He has to stop and really relate to her in an honest way that helps him to be honest with himself. Can't wait for the next one...hope, hope. less
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I liked this one best pf the three. Interesting, as sequals are often not as good as the first.
Enjoyed the first two in the series, this installment was not as intriguing.
Strongest novel yet
fantastic book.
Enjoyed it.
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