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The Chimps Of Fauna Sanctuary: A True Story Of Resilience And Recovery (2011)

by Andrew Westoll(Favorite Author)
4.36 of 5 Votes: 2
0547327803 (ISBN13: 9780547327808)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
review 1: This book was a book that touched so many different emotions. There was the happiness and joy when you could read about the chimps enjoying their encounters with the people at the sanctuary and making friends. There was sadness and heart breaking stories about what it was like to be a lab chimp and all the tests and crappy life instances they were subjected to. There was anger at the people who kept insisting that chimp research is a necessary process, when in reality there is so many differences and reasons why chimps do not make proper candidates for testing. It leads one to think there are plenty of people available in the jail systems, etc. that would make for perfect candidates and we would be testing on our own species so there would be no differences. The chimps tru... morely do have a huge amount of personality and human traits. The Quebec government is and made a huge mistake when they decided to stop allowing fauna to accept chimps to live out their lives in a calming and peaceful setting. There is a page in the back that states websites that you can go to to support the saving of the chimps and make a donation but it still left me thinking there must be something more I could do. (I'd love to take a trip to the sanctuary and actually meet all the staff and whatever chimps are left....it would be a life changing experience).
review 2: The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary is a beautifully written book. Gloria, her partner and her sisters have devoted their lives n providing decent life to many rescued animals, and especially to a number of Chimpanzees. The book is about these chimpanzees. While writing about the lives of these chimps in Gloria's sanctuary, Andrew very empathetically tells the stories of these great apes before they were given home in the Fauna Sanctuary. these apes had been subjects of biomedical research and some were rescued from zoos. The stories reveal, how cruel and barbaric human beings can be nd have been and many continue to be so. The book gives enough evidence that for decades the scientists have known that the Chimpanzees are not useful in biomedical research and not much, if any useful results have been found while studying various treatments on them. It is heartbreaking to read about the kind of torture they have been through in the name of science. It is a difficult book to read because it makes you question your own morality. It is easy to blame the scientists for all this, but we all have been benefitting from the advancement in medical science. A lot of these breakthroughs have come via evolution of science and technology. Unfathomable number of animals have been sacrificed to know what we know today. During this learning process, another thing that has been learnt now is that Chimps are not at all good models for studying human bodies and thus most of such experiments have been stopped except some in the US. But US are always lagging behind the rest of the world in empathy. With GAPA and other organizations working hard, hopefully these 1000 Chimps in US lab will soon be rescued no more torture of great apes will ever be there. less
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Really interesting. Sad, but the overall feeling is one of hope. Really worth reading.
This was such an amazing book that I read after watching the movie Project Nim
Heart warming and heart breaking at the same time.
Pretty f*cking heavy.
Very good read.
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