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The Fast And The Furriest (2010)

by Andy Behrens(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 5
0375859225 (ISBN13: 9780375859229)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
review 1: I really loved this. I loved Kevin, I loved his sister, I loved his friend, I loved Cromwell, his parents infuriated me, but I loved their resolution. Normally I'd say the end was a little sugar-coated and unrealistic but I was rooting for Kevin so much that it made me very happy. Funny and I couldn't help but picture Kate Mulgrew as the quirky Russian trainer (but then I DID just finish Orange is the New Black).
review 2: Lexile Level: 660Pages: 247pgs (also available on audio)Summary: Kevin Pugh, 12 years old, is the son of a famous Bears player. And a couch potato. So is his dog Cromwell. Much to the dismay of his famous father, Kevin is looking forward to a summer of lounging, eating, playing video games, and basically doing as little as possible. Kevin
... mores summer is shaping up just the way he wants until he pauses his channel surfing on Animal Planet and a dog agility program. Suddenly, Cromwell is all about agility training. And Kevin is along for the ride, whether he likes it or not! Recommendations or Comments: Recommended. Boys who like sports or dogs or both or neither will enjoy this lighthearted tale of overcoming obstacles from the outside world and from within yourself.Reviewed By: Jen A. less
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This was a fun read. The guys in my 4th grade book club really enjoyed it.
great story on perserverance and determination!
3.5 stars- funny and cute story
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