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As They Slept - Part 2 (2013)

by Andy Leeks(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
Andy Leeks
As They Slept
review 1: Fantastic, funny and five stars. Even better than Part One.I love Andy Leeks' look on life and his deep thinking about this and different, random subjects. Such fun theories about things. It's wonderful how one mention of something evolves into other things and he ties them all together with a theme. It's just so well observed, EXACTLY how things are. Ingenious-where does he get his ideas from?! There's a poem created solely from Facebook status updates! This is like well scripted stand up comedy in book form. I love his equations and how he gets preoccupied with these little details, so funny. He even analyses things when they want to get a takeaway! So true! We have one of these lights he's talking about for in case of power cut and just when we want it-batteries dead! L... moreaugh out loud bits. And again-funny! It's a quick read, short chapters, one for each day, ideal for reading between doing things, hospital appointments/dentist while you're waiting, on the bus/train etc-but you'll embarrass yourself with all the spontaneous tittering-everyone will be looking at you and thinking-what the heck's up with her?! Oh, it's so funny! Where does he think of all this? He discusses firms going bust/shops closing down, musing about things happening in the current times, putting the world to rights yet in such an entertaining way there's also nostalgia, how things used to be. It's really witty. There's a reason for every chapter, one flows into another, eg. he missed writing a few days as no commuting, because of snow-which leads on to him discussing the fact that the UK is at a standstill the minute a bit of snow falls. He's making points you just never think about until now. It's clever how the gags all refer back to things mentioned earlier in the book, everything all fits like a glove! Clothes shopping-of course, he finds much to amuse in a shopping trip such as this. He has an interesting way of choosing whether to go shopping or to the seaside! Hilarious quote/simile!!!! Even more chuckles. Such brilliant punchlines. A real feel-good read. Observations about booking holidays, where to sit on a train, people-watching and bad habits. So many laughs! Fantastic, funny and five stars. Even better than part 1! You don't really need to read these Parts in order as each book in the series has the same foreword explaining the circumstances which lead to Andy writing the book in such a way. Now I've read the first two-I can't resist the others.
review 2: This book was bluddy brilliant.It had me laughing a lot more than the first part did, and I am seriously looking forward to the next 2. And a great price as well. The first part only £0.77 on the Kindle store, and the second £0.99. Well recommended.I was laughing at some of the analogies, and some of the things the author does. I laughed because I knew most people would have the same logic, and it really sums up britain. Mostly, anyway. less
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A must read for any commuter I dare you to read it and try not to laugh
Enjoyed this just like the first book. Funny and honest.
I actually laughed out loud on the train while reading this
loving these witty books
Loved it, so funny!
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