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A Witness Above (2000)

by Andy Straka(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 5
Frank Pavlicek Mysteries
review 1: Apart from the mystery at its center, a story like this needs characters who are real and relationships that are believable. This novel creates a situation that draws the reader in, both in terms of the murder mystery to be solved and the characters dealing with the case. Frank Pavlicek is an interesting and intelligent human. I appreciated the connection between his earlier life in New York and the situation he gets entangled in in Virginia. The resolution of the story was credible and satisfying. I also found the falconer aspects of the story interesting. Pavlicek is a character I would be interested in seeing again. This was an enjoyable read, despite the typos and formatting issues in the ebook edition, which cried out for an editor. (This is an all too common problem ... morewith ebooks. Whether I obtain them for free or pay a pretty penny for them, I should be able to expect spelling and formatting that are correct. In this book, someone should have noticed how many times the number "1" appears in place of the pronoun "I.")
review 2: This is the first book I've read by this author. The protagonist is a former NYC homicide detective and has fled to rural Virginia to escape the horrors of life as a policeman in New York. He has a wingman, literally: it's a red-tail hawk. In the opening chapter, the hawk locates the body of a deead teen-age boy in the woods. I wish there would be more action by the hawk, but still I found this a fine read. I've entered another in the series on my list of books to be read. less
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Read the first 20 pages & the last 10, the rest is filler.
I really enjoyed this book. Kept my interest throughout.
Later books by Straka were much better written.
very good
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