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Adrian's Eagles (2012)

by Angela White(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 3
Cloud 9 Publications
Life After War
review 1: I liked the book there was alot developing in this story. For some reason I hated Angela here though I thought she was just too pushy on the things that she wanted to do even to an extent of in a sense bypass the whole system the eagles had. It got annoying because Adrian just let her do what she wanted.I am so glad that luke and kendle are back their side story was interesting. There are alot of typos in this book that was really different from the first three. There were times where you had to put in your owns words in order to figure out what was said which made things very confusing.
review 2: After reading this and the first three I am intrigued with the story line. No Spoilers here, but the author has put everything you want in a Sci - Fi / Fantasy book
... more. I label this writing as such because of the way the story line goes, all the way from the first book. I am a fan of this series and I am hoping for even more discoveries in the next installment. Post apocalyptic Earth...survival. Does not get much better. Even the laws and behavior of the characters seems right in line with a situation like in the book. Start with book one...and be very afraid... less
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Can't stop reading this series... enjoying every word!!!
One of the (if not THE) best series of its kind!
Even better than book 3
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