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Fountain Of Secrets (2013)

by Anita Clenney(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 3
147780868X (ISBN13: 9781477808689)
Montlake Romance
Relic Seekers
review 1: Fountain of Secrets is the second book in the Relic Seekers series by Anita Clenney. While I don’t love this series as much as her Highland Warrior books, I do enjoy Clenney’s writing style and the way she incorporates humour, sexual chemistry and a touch of chaos to each story she creates. Kendall Morgan and Jake Stone have only been back from Italy for days when they are summoned by their employer and billionaire Nathan Larraby to return to Italy to safeguard the relics they’ve collected from the Protettori. Kendall has a sixth sense for relics and with Jake as her bodyguard they take their work seriously and are determined to complete the tasks designated to them.There’s so much happening in this story that at times I was a little confused from dreams of King Ar... morethur to the mysterious Protettori to the menacing Reaper it was sometimes hard to keep up! Not only the plot was full of action and surprises but so were the characters within the story and the relationships they develop with each other. Kendall has discovered something about her father that freaks her out, she suspects that either Jake or Nathan could be her long-lost childhood best friend Adam, only they don’t know it yet. She’s battling an emotional bond with her boss Nathan in contrast to her strong attraction to Jake and poor Kendall has no idea what to do! I enjoyed learning more about Nathan and Jake’s history and while I do have a soft spot for Nathan, I was happy to see Kendall and Jake’s relationship deepen. Jake is a likeable character even though he is a macho, sometimes chauvinistic and overprotective lout, he’s a reliable and strong support for Kendall. He’s the typical Clenney hero and I can’t help but find him endearing (even though I’d probably never go for a guy like that in real life!).I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series and finding out how Clenney intends to wrap up the plot and character storylines. For those who enjoy romance, action, a splash of history, some exotic locations and steamy sexual chemistry, then the Relic Seekers series may just be for you!
review 2: The characters and mysteries of the first Relic Seekers novel rush back onto the page in Anita Clenney’s Fountain of Secrets. Nathan’s struggling to hold his “change” at bay, while old Marco seems equally determined to keep his friends in the dark. Kendall’s still searching for her past and treasured memories of Adam. Meanwhile Jake’s still the fabulously handsome rake who threatens to steal her heart, unless she gives it to Nathan first. There’s a Spear of Destiny, retrieved in Guardians of Stone, a castle with hidden treasure, and now a Fountain of Youth that just might rescue Nathan. Oh, and Raphael’s on the loose. But it all holds together with just enough explanation to set the scene as the action level rises, even if you missed reading Guardians.Rapid-fire dialog keeps the story moving forward. Jake and Nathan search hidden tunnels and dance around their seeming affections for Kendall. Meanwhile Kendall’s exploring past and present—well, and possibly exploring Jake as well. Haunted by memories of Adam, she runs away from, or sometimes toward, her shadows. And she ends up in England, which is eminently satisfying for me, if a little surprising.Globe-trotting with a difference, relic-seeking with added paranormal threat and surprise, lots of humor, plenty of action, and enticing romance, Fountain of Secrets is like a feminine version of Indian Jones, and it’s fun.Dislcosure: The author kindly gave me a free ecopy. less
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Really 4.5 stars - definitely liked this one better than the last.
Guardian of stones Series book 2
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