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Kicking & Dreaming (Enhanced Edition) V2: A Story Of Heart, Soul, And Rock And Roll (2012)

by Ann Wilson(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Being that I have been an avid Heart fan since 1975, I was thrilled when I learned that this book would be coming out. I'd been aware that Ann Wilson had begun writing a book some time ago, and I can honestly say it was worth the wait and then some! I have read a lot of biographies written by and about musicians, but I have to say this one tops all of them by leaps and bounds! Written with a level of heartfelt honesty and candor that is both refreshing and rare, the Wilson sisters somehow manage to so vividly describe the events that have shaped their lives that you will feel as if you were there. Their collective willingness to freely and openly share their emotions, experiences and opinions took an incredible amount of courage, in my opinion, and it speaks volumes ab... moreout their personal and professional integrity. If you are looking for a flashy expose on the excesses of celebrity, this IS NOT the book for you! If however you are looking for something that will provide you with intriguing insight into the inner thoughts, minds and hearts of these two remarkable women from childhood through adulthood, you won't be able to put this one down!
review 2: This was my first modern autobiography. I wasn't sure what to expect, and the book really exceeded my expectations. It was more than just "inside info" on the band--it presented a truly human backstory that holds together surprisingly well on a narrative level. Alternating between different first-person perspectives--mainly of Ann and Nancy--it traces the history, not just of Heart, but of the girls and their emotional-intellectual-creative growth. I really appreciated the focus on their early family years and their deeply genuine sharing of their inner selves--their struggles, joys, griefs, and loves. The passion of the Wilson sisters shone through on every page, and this privileged insight into their personal lives and driving creative impulses, shared in such a poetic, vulnerable fashion, confirmed to me the purity of purpose and love-soaked ethos that I've always associated with the songs of Heart (especially in their 70's period). The only stain on this autobiographical gem was the distracting number of editorial mistakes scattered throughout the work (making allowance for jargon and colloquialisms)--that's a wag of the finger to the publishers, though, not to the female music legends whom this book memorializes. less
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This Autobiography gave me insight into the lives of two Rock Music pioneers.
Enjoyed the structure of multiple POVs
Freakin' loved it!!!
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