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The Minstrel's Tale (2011)

by Anna Questerly(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 2
0982996705 (ISBN13: 9780982996706)
Wishbone Publishing
The Minstrel's Tale
review 1: I was hoping at first this was going to be a time travel story. It isn't. Still it was a very pleasant read and I would recommend it to anyone. My only disappointment is that it ends suddenly and seems to be part of a trilogy. Generally speaking I like my cliff hanger in the second book not with the first one. There does seem to be some over usage of some words, and the writing style didn't quite catch me as if it had been polished up a bit more. The stories are interesting, with a fable aspect to them. I love the Minstrel, he is an interesting character and I find his cloak a fun addition to the story.I got this as a free kindle edition. If I were in a book club I would suggest having this book on a list to read. I think there could be some very fun discussion, w... moreith the stories and the historical aspect.
review 2: This is a book I think I would have loved as a child, maybe up to about 8 or 9 years old. The original fairy tales told by Amos, the Minstrel, have the detail that not only keep the reader reading, but also would have held the interest of a crowd of villagers who had plenty of experience with well told tales. The actual Minstrel's tale, of taking on an apprentice with his own very interesting back story, works for a young reader looking for safe escapism. However, there's something uneven about the characters themselves, Amos and Richard, in that their life experiences and personalities seem to to weaken and strengthen depending on plot twists, that even a child might question. Also, the bookends of the tale, a young contemporary girl who discovers the manuscripts when she begrudgingly accompanies her parents on a vacation to France is totally unnecessary. less
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My only complaint: too short and I dont have the sequel...yet =)
I loved every second of it!!
An enjoyable period fiction!
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