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The Merchant Of Dreams (2013)

by Anne Lyle(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 2
0857662775 (ISBN13: 9780857662774)
Angry Robot
Night's Masque
review 1: AWESOME. IM GLAD TO SEE ITS OUT BECAUSE IM GOING BUY IT NEXT WEEKEND. CANT WAIT TO FINISH THIS STORY. ANd I see you are no longer writing anymore for now of this series. Well i sure hope it doesnt leave you hanging too much. Will definitely check out Prince of Lies as well. If its anywhere close to as good as this series , Im sure I will enjoy it as well. Would love to get an autographed copy of this one but ah well.
review 2: I was not able to continue reading this. There was just one or two or three too many perilous and re-routed sea voyages for me to keep up with. At some point, I could not remember why the various characters set off on the voyages in the first place, and with the one character being sometimes himself and sometimes inhabited by the Skraylin
... moreg, it just got to be too confusing. A shame, since I enjoyed the first book in this series. less
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Plot of series is getting interesting.
i gave up, lost interest....
This is a marvelous series.
3.5 stars
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