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Breaking Brodix (2012)

by Anne Rainey(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 2
1619211866 (ISBN13: 9781619211865)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
review 1: Brodix Jennings has great business sense but isn’t sure he’s got what it takes to help his brothers save the family’s restaurant from closure. He’s only got a few days before their grand re-opening, and it will be a miracle if they can keep the doors open. Free publicity in the town’s single newspaper is what Sarah Greer believes will make the restaurant a success. She just needs to convince the Jennings’ brothers that an interview with them will give the piece the personal touch it needs to really shine but none of the brothers are buying it. Brodix, the guy who gets Sarah so hot under the collar she can’t think straight is the worst of the bunch. Brodix has no problem working with Sarah – in bed. However her chosen profession means that no matter h... moreow hot to trot he is for her, nothing can come of it. Frustrated over the bar’s dwindling revenue stream, Brodix reconsiders, but is determined that she plays by his rules. Sarah figures she can separate business from pleasure when Brodix asks her out on a date, but she’s dead wrong. Walls are torn down by passion so strong that nothing can withstand it, and she finds that she’ll risk everything to be with him. The third installment in the Blackwater series, Breaking Brodix by Anne Rainey, features the book’s namesake, Brodix Jennings, as he embarks on a journey to find love and happiness. You can read this as a standalone, as the author does a good job of providing the right amount of back-story without overwhelming you with details. However, if you’re particular flavor of OCD is like mine, reading the previous two books is O.K. too. Ms. Rainey writes hot sex like its second nature, and for that I’m glad. I was just a little disappointed at how easily she made Brodix’ and Sarah’s issues disappear. The story opens with him and his brothers having a huge chip on their collective shoulders towards reporters, and since Sarah’s chosen profession is exactly that, they don’t trust her. That made sense, based on their past history. What didn’t make sense was that with one breath Brodix is giving Sarah a hard time, and very soon after that, he wants her to trust him enough to explore her sexuality in ways she hasn’t ever before. I’m not saying that they needed to have a six month courtship; but I felt really disconnected to the two of them, and it seemed that the warmth from the first two books was missing here. Even the appearance of Sarah’s ex-husband seemed like a bit of an afterthought, though it did advance the plot somewhat. Breaking Brodix by Anne Rainey is a tale full of hot action between the sheets; I just wished I’d enjoyed the plot as much as I had in the first two books. I’m looking forward to the twins’ stories – Reilly and River – and hope that I can connect to their stories in much the same way I did the others.***Review originally posted on TwoLips Reviews (twolipsreviews.com)
review 2: This book was really good. I love the characters of Brodix & Sarah. She's a reporter & his family despises reporters because of what happened to the youngest member of the family River in foster care. She needs them to help get her career back on track & they need her to get could advertising for their restaurant's grand reopening. When the 2 are thrown together because no one else in the family wants to talk to her Brodix finds that he's drawn to Sarah & has to face the anger of his family when he wants to include her in his life. The story was great & we learn a little more about River but still not enough. Can't wait for the next installment. less
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I really enjoyed it except for the ending .. I will be reading the next tho
Sweet and hot... no more words. Worth reading it!
God I love this series!!
I liked it okay.
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