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The Road Out Of Hell: Sanford Clark And The True Story Of The Wineville Murders (2009)

by Anthony Flacco(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
1402768699 (ISBN13: 9781402768699)
Union Square Press
review 1: The story here is horrifying. I thought about Sanford Clark for days after I finished the book. The chapters about his adult life veer toward sentimentality to an extent, but nonetheless, it's remarkable that he survived and went on to lead an upstanding life in spite of the horrors that were inflicted upon him. I love it that his sons were so devoted to him and participated in the writing of the book.
review 2: More so than the book itself, the improbable story of Sanford Clark -- the hell he went through, confronted, & the admirable life he ultimately lived -- is extraordinary. I think the author did a pretty good job in telling the tale. The story might have been better told --I just think I have read better prose by other authors. But I enjoyed the book
... morenonetheless. I'm not sure why the author (even in a footnote) failed to refer to the unbelievable story about the Walter Collins boy that was made into the Clint Eastwood movie, "The Changeling". I know it's not directly about Sanford, but it seems to have deserved at least a mention. I only learned about it later as I did more internet research on this story. A note about the "Kindle" edition: there are pictures, but they are located at the very end of the book and are not referred to in the table of contents. It would've been nice to refer to the photos as I read the book. I think the Kindle folks should work generally on making photos/maps, etc. more accessible to Kindle readers when they are published in the original books. less
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Once I got past the fairly disturbing parts I really enjoyed this one..found it interesting
It's not for the faintest of hearts. I love how things turned out positive for him.
This story was so horrible, I don't know how I should rate it...
Fantastic book
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