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Sündenfall (2012)

by Anya Lipska(Favorite Author)
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Kiszka and Kershaw
review 1: I received this as an early read via NetGalley. This was a new experience for me, I'm addicted to UK mysteries/thrillers and like SOME of the work out of Scandinavia, but this was my first time reading about characters who are primarily Polish, but living in England. Grasping what the characters were casually referencing in Polish was a bit of stumbling block - thank god for the kindle allowing me to look up words and phrases! The names were also hard for me to keep straight, but despite all that, I thought this was well written, with fully formed characters. I'd rather stumble through a book like this than breeze through a cozy mystery any day, lol. The premise of the story was solid and I particularly enjoyed Kershaw, I look forward to seeing more of her, she felt very ... morenormal - which made her appear abnormal considering her surroundings. I have the second in the series lined up and waiting on me, fingers crossed I'll be better able to understand what's being said and by whom!
review 2: I loved this book. She is my new Scandi favourite writer I now have a firmer grasp of the Polish persona. The history of the Solidarity movement. How the Nazis effected the grass roots citizens of Poland. I found myself running to the Internet looking up little towns in Poland. I have two new heros in Janusz and Kershaw. I learnt a little bit of Polish. I was also informed about the influence of the Catholic Church during the war and still today.Loved the sly humour. Do yourself a favor read this book and give her a cookie. Can hardly wait for her next book. It is that good. less
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Really good, once I got my head round all the polish phrases that kept popping up!
absolutely brilliant
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