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The Ghost Files (The Ghost Files (2013)

by Apryl Baker(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 3
1492156361 (ISBN13: 9781492156369)
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The Ghost Files
review 1: I do believed that not all ghosts are devil. And this book is a prove for that. I had read articles and books about spirits, so everything in this book is true. And I got learn more things about how to deal with them from this book.It's all depends on our soul energy. In this book, the ghosts are the one that help Mattie to find the serial killer. Without them she will be dead. For the one who thinks ghosts are heartless devil, this book would help to think you in different corner. All the spirits that we see or fell in reality is not that bad. All them try to do is ask us help them to reach ' The Between' light so that can free. Certain souls can't do that by themselves because they haunted with their's fear over the last thing they remember when they die. But all we do i... mores run from them. So, just help them once in your life time. It's harmless unless you are not true to yourself.
review 2: Really fancied a change from my normal romance addiction and found this. I love a ghost story and this didn't fail to make me jump! Mattie is a girl who can see ghosts although she's tried to push it to the back of her mind something happens and she is forced to embrace her abilities. The scares are fab and the description is incredible. The plot will leave you wanting more and the outcome is shocking. Cannot wait to read the next part of the story. less
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Soooo cool! I loved The Ghost Files from beginning to end. Too bad I can't read the second!
started to read but too YA for me. A teenager would love it!
I can't sleep. I need book 2 and 3... lol
Blew my mind! Loved it!
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