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Blind Hunger (2011)

by Araminta Star Matthews(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 5
0978792599 (ISBN13: 9780978792596)
Dark Moon Books
review 1: Yes, your parents could turn into flesh-eating freaks and are very likely going to try to eat you alive. Let’s face it: unless you had a very traumatic childhood, you probably grew up with an extreme sense of personal safety. Physical injury as a consequence of any foolish risk wasn’t even a consideration – and you probably have the scars to prove it. As long as your parents were there, in your young mind your safety was guaranteed. In Blind Hunger, Araminta takes that idea of inherent childhood safety and tears into its soft, fleshy torso to gorge on its entrails while it screams and chokes on its own blood. The adults: the parents, teachers, police, firefighters and all the other symbols of safety and normalcy have turned into homicidal cannibals. So sit down, get ... morecomfortable and follow Sage, Max, Kiley, Brian, and Rachel as they desperately fight to survive the onslaught of ravenous monsters.
review 2: Can I review my own book? Um, I don't think that's entirely ethical. So, I won't give it a star rating. BUT, I can say that it is a scary zombie story in which all the adults in a small, New England town become zombies and a small band of children have to figure out how to survive in a hurry. I hope you enjoy it! And either way, I hope you'll give it an honest review. Just remember--this is my first novel. I'm sure it's rife with tiny mistakes in spite of the four editors it went through both before and after it was picked up by the publisher. Thanks for your support! less
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I love how this book was written with different points of view and I someday wish to own it.
Excellent fun! I love this book.
great zombie book!
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