“This woman, she calls at the worst time’. I didn’t pick.
“Errmm… excuse me please I want to stop here”.

“Stop where? I can’t pack here o, police dey this side”.

Maybe they could help me

“Please, let me come down abeg”.

He finally stopped, I handed him his money. He looked at it critically before he dropped it
If only he knew how much I had with me.

I Decided to tell the police men, even if I sleep in their cell i’ll be safer there than on the street.

The weight of the ghana-must-go was getting to me as I was crossing the street, a car from no where almost hit me.

I was practically stuck to the ground. Just when I thought it was over some men came out of the car towards me.

I dropped the ghana-must-go must go and started to run to the police. “Help me! Help me! I was shouting.

I ran behind one of the police men with a rifle. The man turned to look at me as i was shaking violently.

“You can come out, he stepped aside to expose me”.
i peeped to see what was going on.

But the men were no where to be found, and the ghana-must-go had disappeared. 

I came out to find the police men staring at me.
I looked down at my feet

“Madam, can you explain what just happened here”?

“I’ll explain, I blurted.

After putting down my statement, I decided  to return to Ibadan immediately. The fact that I was still alive is a testimony, just to think that this happened in one day.

I dialled my mother’s number.
“Hello? Mum, i’m coming home”.

“Ahah, what happened?
Your plan to squander your life did not work?
Or the fake job did not work out”?

I looked at the phone. Mum? What do you mean?
How did you..?

“Just come home,Toyosi
I’ve lived in this life thirty years before you, the grey hairs on my head are not for decoration”.

“After all the advice, I’ve given you, you still went against my wishes.
Do you think I don’t want you to succeed?
Which mother in her right senses would not wish the best for her daughter”?

“Mum..i’m sorry

“Okay, just come home” She hung up.

How did she find out?

I dug my hand into my pocket, the evening chill was getting to me. I felt something in my pocket, it was money, as I brought it out I was shocked. Two thousand naira..

How come? I know I could never have forgotten I had money in my pocket.

It must have been mum, ah mum. I felt guilt creeping up my throat as I waved down a bike.

“Garage please”
I’m going home.

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