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Baby's In Black. Historia Astrid Kirchherr I Stuarta Sutcliffe'a (2012)

by Arne Bellstorf(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 4
Kultura Gniewu
review 1: I have very limited knowledge of The Beatles, and I didn't even know about Astrid Kirchherr before reading this book. Basically, for that purpose, it was a nice sort of introduction to people I knew little of. I will say it sparked my interest enough for me to want to explore The Beatles - if not for their music, then for their iconic presence. Aside from the story, I love the idea of a memoir in a graphic novel format. And I really like Arne Bellstorf's art style, it's quite inspirational to me in itself. However, I suppose I felt like it wasn't the perfect art style to tell this story. What I really feel was lacking was emotions, I could never tell what Astrid or any other character for that matter, felt in the moment. Because of the lack of emotion captured in the art, ... moreit also didn't have an impact on me. I didn't feel emotionally attached, and even the end just swept over me. To sum it up, I enjoyed reading this for the art and the story, but it didn't grab me or effect me in any deeper way.
review 2: You don't think of the Beatles as human. As young men who were once stuck playing dive bars in Germany. We often forget as well drummer Pete Best; and especially bassist Stu Sutcliffe.This graphic novel was created under the guidance of Astrid Kirchherr who was a life-long friend of the Beatles and is responsible for many of the early photographs of the band. She also had an influence on their style.This book centers on the relationship between Astrid and Stu.Another character who comes into play in this book is Klaus Voormann. He became a Beatles fan upon first catching their shows in Germany. He would later move to London where he's room with his friend George Harrison and flat mate Ringo Starr. Klaus later played on solo projects of John, George and Ringo's - and also Lou Reed, Randy Newman and others. He was also the graphic artists behind the Revolver album."Baby's in Black" gives you some insights into the Beatles that are rarely offered up. The Beatles relationship with Klaus and Astrid impacted not just their style, but also the shape of the band that would be. less
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Love the Beatles, Love Astrid & Stu - this Graphic novel was an easy & enjoyable read.
A mediocre book about Stu and the early days of the Beatles. Nothing special
AmAzing. Loved the illustrations so much.
Graphic Novel...based on the Beatles.
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