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El Pueblo Blanco Y Otros Relatos De Terror (1904)

by Arthur Machen(Favorite Author)
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8477024936 (ISBN13: 9788477024934)
The Best Weird Tales of Arthur Machen
review 1: Some very good stories in here, especially the Novel of the Black Seal, Novel of the White Powder, The Red Hand, and The Terror. Gets a little dull in the middle, mostly because A Fragment of Life starts out fantastically mundane (the central couple spends 5 pages of debate over which stove to purchase) and then goes a little haywire. I'd like to read more Machen, because he's a much better writer than Lovecraft, and the stories are in the same vein.
review 2: If you are a fan of HP Lovecraft, Ambrose Bierce, EA Poe, Bradbury, etc....you should already know and/or have read Machen. If you somehow have missed him...as many have...this is a GREAT new collection of his stories - only missing Great God Pan and Hill of Dreams to make it perfect. The aura and amb
... moreiance created in Machen's tales are without peer . . . and while he seems prone to the run-on descriptive mega-long paragraph, the whole of the stories flow over you like a gentle river until you find yourself wholly dragged under and knocked about in a world other than our own . . . one of ghosts and "little people" and ancient rites and rituals. Dealing with subjects of evil fairies or capturing the soul - to horrors of war and the sensuality of everyday life, Machen is a much underrated and under-read author. less
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The only piece of literature I've ever read that actually deserves the appellation "uncompromising".
I can see the influence on HP Lovecraft, but this doesn't have the same sense of otherworldly dread.
One of the great inspirations of Lovecraft.
Its Machen! Of course I'm going to like it!
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