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The White People (1904)

by Arthur Machen(Favorite Author)
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1406574198 (ISBN13: 9781406574197)
Dodo Press
The Best Weird Tales of Arthur Machen
review 1: Early into this I can immediately recognize the thematic influence Machen had on Lovecraft; that humanity dwells on the threshold to a broader world inhabited by beings who are malevolent or indifferent to our well-being at best. Machen however is the superior craftsman. He is able to describe details of place and time, both rural and urban, that establish not only atmosphere, but contribute towards an understanding of the sensibilities of the characters in the stories. His dialogue and depth of characterization exceed those of Lovecraft as well. The fermenting hysteria that characterizations Lovecraft's stories is absent.
review 2: Essential reading for any Machen fan. My favorite of the pieces in this collection is the 1904 novella A Fragment of Life, which i
... mores a precursor to the suburban angst narratives that would multiply throughout the 20th century. Also fascinating is the tale "The Coming of the Terror." Set during World War I, the story shows how society desperately seeks meaning--and an antagonist--when traumatized by random acts of horror. Machen is a master of atmosphere and a mystic in his own right. less
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Pre-Lovecrafteano. Un must-read si te gusta Howard Phillip.
Fairly dated, but can't be ignored as a master of horror.
Fantastic and creepy.
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