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Neria (2013)

by A.S. Johnson(Favorite Author)
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1482072319 (ISBN13: 9781482072310)
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 4, 2013)
The Future Demon Huntress
review 1: Reviewed for Readers Favorite.Neria thinks she is just a normal high school student, except that she has weird dreams. Her mom thinks they should talk to the priest at school. Neria The Future Demon Huntress reveals that what she really is, much to her disbelief is a demon hunter. This takes some getting used to and she has to deal with the fact that her life is being planned out for her, without her consent. Kellar is an older boy at school that she has a crush on, but what she doesn't know to begin with is that he knows she is a demon hunter and it is his job to protect her. She will deal with a budding relationship with Kellar, then the fact that he knew more about her than she did and can she still trust him. A.S. Johnson writes a paranormal novel of the life of a de... moremon hunter, but it is also steeped in the Catholic faith and exorcisms. It is definitely not your typical paranormal novel.The ability of A.S. Johnson to take a paranormal concept of a demon hunter and place her into the middle of the Catholic church, surrounded by high level church people is a new and different concept in paranormal novels. The main characters are high school students, so it is a great young adult book, but that being said even as an adult I found it worth the time to read. Neria The Future Demon Huntress has romance between Neria and Kellar, training through the church, and the future of the world in the paranormal hunter concept. It touches on so many planes that the novel is extremely realistic.
review 2: Neria: The Future Demon Huntress (Book #1) by A.S Johnson*I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review*The summary of this book really drew me in, and that’s why I requested it. I don’t read much YA books, so it was good to try something different.I felt that the main character, Neria, really was a teenage girl going through struggles and growing up whilst finding her way through the world and what was destined for her. I could understand how she felt due to everything thrown at her. All the characters were in fact good and well-written, I also enjoyed the family dynamic between Neria, her mother and brothers. The book opens with a prologue, which did its job in pulling me into the story. It was written in a rather refreshing way, which I enjoyed. Also , after the first chapter, you were already getting a good feel for Neria’s character and what was to come later.Dialogue was realistic, and the conversations flowed well, you could definitely tell which character was talking. The story does switch between different POVs, but the switch is broken up by chapter and easily distinguishable. I did find quite a few errors through out, not necessarily spelling mistakes but just things such as ‘she’s’ instead of ‘she’d’, and quite a few times during Kellar’s POV it would go from ‘his’ to ‘mine’ etc. All it needs is a pair of fresh eyes to glance over it and pick them out, then it would flow really well.Overall, I enjoyed the story and felt the character were realistic, especially for their age. I liked that it wasn’t overly sexualised, and the story felt unique and different. less
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Absolutely loved it, can't wait to read the next one in the series. Was not ready for it to end.
I enjoyed reading this book it was very interesting and overall a enjoyable read
THIS LOOKS SOOOO GOOD. Can't wait to see for myself!
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