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Der Beste Tag Meines Lebens (2012)

by Ashley Edward Miller(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: I really enjoyed Colin Fischer. Colin is a very well fleshed out character, even if everyone else fell slightly flat, and he made me laugh well also giving a better understanding of different thought processes. Colin's pov gives a the reader an understanding of his Aspergers, even giving historical background on it. I loved that there were interested facts littered throughout the book, providing little tidbits of knowledge that teens may otherwise not learn unless they specifically went looking for it. It was an extremely enjoyable quick read. However this book, despite it's description, isn't really a mystery. While the 'whodunit" is presented in the description the mystery of 'who brought the gun to school' is lackluster and mostly uninteresting. It takes a backse... moreat to meeting and understanding Colin's character. The conclusion has little fanfare and seems to serve more as a plot device to Colin's personal growth as opposed to an integral part of the plot itself. It's clear that it was written in hopes of being the first in a series, but until another book is written there are many seemingly useless scenes throughout Colin Fischer. We are introduced to characters and only given small glimpses at them, but they are mentioned enough to prompt the reader to think they're important. Wayne, Melissa, and Rudy are clearly meant to make up a cast of characters to continue into a series, however this first book doesn't make you love, hate, or care for any of them. They are merely people in Colin's world, drifting in his orbit and coming out to play when they serve the plot or Colin's character. Perhaps this is because using Colin as the vehicle for this story doesn't initially allow for more. The only character besides Colin that I had a good grasp of was his gym teacher. That said, I'd love to see a sequel to this book, because I feel given the opportunity they could be a great series of books.
review 2: Una historia diferente, muy ilustrativa e interesante, que refleja de un modo muy particular lo que es el síndrome de Asperger y tener cerca a alguien con el mismo. La trama de la historia engancha y el misterio está bastante conseguido y el desarrollo y la personalidad de los diversos personajes es muy buena. Se lee muy rápido y la manera de narrar y la estructura de la historia son muy acertadas.Aún así, previsible y con el final demasiado abierto para mi gusto. Eso sí, las reflexiones y Colin son una narración y un personaje que merecen ser leídos. less
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Wow!!!! Bullying, genius, love and friendship all in one book!!!
A good, solid book. The style is great for YA readers.
Heartbreakingly realistic with a dash of Holmes.
Colin Fischer deserves a series 嘤嘤嘤
Sequel, please!
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