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Colin Fischer (2012)

by Ashley Edward Miller(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 4
1595145788 (ISBN13: 9781595145789)
review 1: Colin, a high functioning kid with Asperger's, totes a facial expression cheat sheet and a Notebook to record his observations. Within his first week of high school, someone brings a gun to the school cafeteria, and Colin puts himself on the case to solve the mystery. I love that Colin's detective skills come to him because of the way his brain processes information, not in spite of it. Positive: I learned a bit about Asperger himself. Negative: It seems the authors are working on a Starship Troopers remake. Boooooo!!
review 2: I loved this book! Although Colin may seem strange to his classmates (he has Asberger's syndrom), he is incredibly smart and follows Sherlock Holmes' example of investigating interesting things. This book is laugh out loud funny, clev
... moreer, fascinating (Collin's notebook inserts are incredibly entertaining and full of amazing facts). Colin amazes the administration, the police and his family with his powers of deduction. Maybe Colin can solve the mystery of the handgun found in the cafeteria? Can he manage the halls of high school without falling victim to the bullies? Have faith, Colin is resilient! Recommended upper middle school and high school. less
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I enjoyed this book a lot. i think it has an interesting story line and keeps you intrigued.
So looked forward to it. Hoped for a book equal to Out of my mind and Wonder- fell short.
I thought the book was okay, not a book I would recommend to anyone though.
Interesting book & the information (footnotes) were great additions!
Idk it was kinda weird but I like the ending. Trampolines ftw!
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