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The Railwayman's Wife (2013)

by Ashley Hay(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 1
Allen & Unwin
review 1: A quiet story about love, loss, and carrying on with life. Narrated in the present with flashbacks to the past help to show the building relationship between Ani and Mac. WWII has ended and the men have returned, though being alive seems to cause them more angst that the locals would expect. And then, there is loss through accidents, which bite just as strongly. The family of the Lachlans is sound and imaginative.
review 2: This was beautifully written with some truly poetic lines and a very evocative setting. Yet, at times I also found my attention wavering, and actually stopped part way through and read something else in between. It's sad too, and not really what I needed to be reading at the moment (which is not a fault of the book of course, but...) So
... moresomewhat mixed feelings about it. Will look for other titles by the author though. less
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okay well written very descriptive of country towns in that era. characters were a bit sad
Languid, luscious, another time, another place. A watercolour painted with words.
A beautiful story about love, loss, colour and the coast.
Quite enjoyable read. A tale of lives lived simply .
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