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A Rancher's Pride (2011)

by Barbara White Daille(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 4
0373753578 (ISBN13: 9780373753574)
American Romance's Men of the West
review 1: While the situations and premise of this book were the same comforts provided by most all Harlequin American romance I appreciated how the author used a different take on the secret baby. I liked that the young girl in this story was deaf. The author does a great job of describing ASL, and I found myself trying out the descriptions with my own hands to see if I could make the signs she described.This is a fun read.
review 2: My review:I received this book through a contest on the blog Once Upon A Chapter and I read it in one sitting after opening the package. A Rancher’s Pride was smoothly written and it was really easy to read. The story was interesting and characters believable.The plot:Rancher Sam Robertson gets a serious surprise when her ex-wife drops a
... morepresent to him. He finds out that he has a 4 years old daughter Becky and to make his shock even bigger, his daughter is also deaf. Couple of days later Becky’s aunt Kayla is coming to visit. Kayla is determined to get the full custody of Becky and take Becky away from his dad. Kayla has heard a lot of ugly tales about Sam and she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Becky away from Sam. The judge decides differently: Sam and Kayla need to share Becky for the coming six week and now the question is if these two learn how to get along or not.The characters:Sam is a hardworking rancher who carries a big baggage from his past. After he meets Kayla, he starts to accept things what have happened in his past and learns how to forgive himself. I really liked Sam. After Kayla walks into his life he starts open up and talk about his past. Kayla really annoyed me in the beginning. How can a person take a kid away from her dad? When the story developed I also started to understand her better. Considering all the lies she has heard about Sam, it was no wonder about how she felt about him. Kayla was warm, spunky and a very sweet character.Generally:It was really a sweet book: a heartbreaking story about how two persons start to fight over a child, thinking that they have equal rights to keep the girl and how they find out that they have been totally wrong about each other. It was not only a romance novels, it also had a difficult topic in it: how do you continue your life when you suddenly find out that you have a deaf child whom you had no clue about. 4 stars out of 5. less
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A tightly written story that flows by fast.
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Pending review at The Romance Reviews.
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