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Angel Face: The Real Story Of Student Killer Amanda Knox (2010)

by Barbie Latza Nadeau(Favorite Author)
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0984295135 (ISBN13: 9780984295135)
Beast Books
review 1: Obviously the author took offense to some words thrown at her during the trial and so published this book to prove she isn't a failed writer. It didn't work. There's no real details and nothing that makes the book memorable. For somebody who apparently knows everything about the case, one would think the book would be better. There was more about what the fan clubs and media said than anything else. While that could be an interesting subject of a book, it's not what one would expect from this and still doesn't have anything substantial in it. It would've been better if the author had chosen to go in depth on one thing but instead it's a bunch of random notes thrown together that don't give a full story. Skip it. Find a different book to read.
review 2: I wanted
... more to read a contrasting view of the events leading up to Amanda's guilty verdict having already read her memoir. I think this is actually a pretty good book, it paints more background and fills in the gaps Knox wasn't likely to fill herself. I think it comes across as a fair account, and yes it includes speculation based on the flimsy evidence presented at the time. You choose to accept or ignore it, it's that simple. Writing wise I think it's well put together and I enjoyed it. less
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An easy read, albeit lacking the factual detail of a more serious true crime novel.
somewhat biased but interesting account from the anti-Amanda camp.
This book is just stupid and ignorant, but it is very quick read.
Nothing to say... Not good.
Interesting to read....
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