The Ostrich Story

Once upon a time there was a pet sanctuary in Dubai named “posh paws”

And my friends planned to go there because its cute and I thought this might not be a bad idea as I have had quite a few pets; kittens, parrots, goats..siblings..


So we went.

The place started with with some sheikhs’ horse stables, and they were pretty gorgeous…horses! Horses!

But for some weird reasons horses and goats are allergic to me. When I go near they start sneezing.

And a horse sneeze can send you anywhere in the world without a ticket, so I stayed at a distance and we settled on casual distant flirting.. with horses!

Next stop, a cat kingdom kinda thing. I couldn’t even go inside because there was a small gate and the moment I went close to the gate there were loud terrifying mews.

Now I am not scared of cats I had 2 of them. But shrilly mews of like hundreds of cats most of them guarding that small gate is pretty scary.

So, naturally we all decided to move on..

Next stop was like a small farm kinda place.

There were rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoise, ducks, chickens, baboons, cows, deer, goats, donkeys, ponies, iguanas, birds

Families and kids were having fun and animals were enjoying all the attention.

Some people were volunteering to feed and tend to adorable animals (excluding iguanas, they are not adorable sorry)

After a while my friends got scattered around the place.

I was strolling smiling like an idiot (as usual) enjoying the mildly sunny day of winters, which is a rare.

I felt something walk by me, disturbing my aura.

And the footsteps were a bit different…hmm some animal..

I turned..

My heart jumped to throat

My vision blurred

and I lost balance

My knees buckled and I held on to a fence behind me.

It was an ostrich


A giant red eyed taller than me ostrich!

When my vision returned I saw there were 2 3 of them roaming around casually.

Bloody hell who opened the ostriches!

I think..i think.. I had a teeny tiny heart attack.

I can’t explain my reaction.

They are huge birds. And creepy. I swear I saw red in his eyes. So petrifying.

You don’t believe me?? Look…

I found this image of the same place on google to show you guys, now imagine 3 4 of them out in the open.

I was hyperventilating.

I looked around for support, and to my embarrassment I was the only person having this hilarious fit of stupidity everyone else was calm and cozy, clearly enjoying.

And these nightmarish creatures were walking thump thump..i am not exaggerating.

I ran to my friend who was taking selfies with ponies…yea this crowd is a bit normal.

I said “run ostriches!”

She said “so what they are babies”

BABIES??? Motherfuckers are taller than me!

My eyes again scanned the place for anybody who is having a panic attack..nope..just me..

I don’t know where all of these mowglies came from.

I saw a kid walking around he must be 2 3 4 I dunno

I whispered, “Hey! Run. Ostrich”

And he looked at me stopped giggling for a while and started thinking.

You know when kids are thinking deep and they furrow there eyebrows and squint their eyes..yea..he was doing all of that.

And he got serious.

I thought good. Somebody understood the severity of the situation.

He turned and started running….after the ostrich!

What even…

I told me friend to give me the car keys she obliged without disturbing her selfie-perfect smile her 1 arm wrapped around a donkey…an actual donkey this time, for a change.

So I got in car, had water and waited my pulse to get back to normal.

And after like a century they all came back. Needless to say my hysterical reaction was the topic on our way back.

I have narrated this story to people who have been there but nobody saw an ostrich in the open.

What have I done to you posh paws??

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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