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Japantown: A Thriller (2013)

by Barry Lancet(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 4
1451691696 (ISBN13: 9781451691696)
Simon & Schuster
Jim Brodie
review 1: Unwittingly tangled in a Japanese shadow crime syndicate our hero Jim Brodie, art dealer, inheritor of Brodie Investigations, grieving husband and doting dad must get to the bottom of a gruesome murder in San Francisco. The investigation twists turns and travels around the globe as the stakes rise higher and higher for the syndicate and our determined Mr. Brodie. In an all or nothing finale all the strands of the investigation come together in a stunning finale.
review 2: I’m always excited to read a thriller about Japan. This is Lancet’s first of a series and I will want to continue reading. I’m hyper-critical of books about Japan and I have almost no complaints about this one. It’s well written and feels authentic (from a fiction point of view). It
... mores a fast read, and keeps you intrigued. The main character is an interesting guy. He’s a single dad with a young daughter. This was my only bone of contention, because I simply did not find the daughter, as a character, to be very believable. Her presence is slightly gratuitous, but perhaps she’ll become more believable in the next book. Not quite as good as Barry Eisler’s first books in his Rain series, but very very close. I hope he gets the next one out there quickly. I’m ready! less
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Took a while to start, but got good about a third of the way in.
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very well written and intriguing
Highly recommended
Very good
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