Hello everyone!! The festive season is approaching and so I am here today with a tutorial of a quick DIY decorative box to pep up the festive mood. I have used simple techniques of Relief work and Gilding to decorate a wooden trinket box. Relief work involves creating an embossed design onto a surface using any sort of material that gives a 3D finish. Gilding/ Gold Leaf Decoupage involves covering a surface using faux gold leaf. METHOD: I picked up a small wooden alterable a Trinket box to be precise and sketched a simple design on its lid.  I then worked on the design using Puffy Paint cones (white) to give an embossed effect (Relief Work) to the design. I made sure to leave a day’s time for the embossing to dry well. To do the Gilding on the embossed design, I have used Mont Marte Leafing size and Mont Marte Copper Leaf. I used a brush to apply the Leafing Size (adhesive) only on the relief work that I made. The adhesive is milky and turns glossy and tacky when left for about 10 minutes. Giving the adhesive about 10 mins time to turn tacky, I then gently placed the Copper Leaf onto the lid of the box. I gave it a couple of minutes to adhere onto the surface.

Using a dry brush, I gently rubbed off the leaf from sections that did not have the adhesive applied.

Using Chalk Paint: Wild Moss, I painted the remaining section of the trinket box.

I then made sure to varnish the box using Spray Varnish. It’s a great idea to add a personal touch to these boxes to give away gifts this festive season!! MATERIALS USED:

Wooden Alterable: Trinket Box


Chalk Paint: Wild Moss

Puffy Paint: White

Mont Marte: Gold Leaf

Mont Marte: Leafing Size

Artists Picture Varnish Spray

Article for Itsy Bitsy


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