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The Quality Of Mercy (2011)

by Barry Unsworth(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 3
0091937124 (ISBN13: 9780091937126)
Sacred Hunger
review 1: I liked this book a lot. It is the sequel to Sacred Hunger and continues the saga of the remnants of the crew of William Kemps slave ship that are returned to England. It also continues to follow the life and dreams of Kemp’s son, now wealthy in his own right and looking to establish himself. It is a more uplifting story than Sacred Hunger, but it is fairly easy to be more uplifting than a story focused almost solely on the slave trade and it related suffering.
review 2: I was blown away by Sacred Hunger, the novel preceding The Quality of Mercy. Sacred Hunger was not only beautifully written but had a story that was majestic and intimate at the same time, bringing history to life with vivid, specific characters and a sweeping panorama of locations, inclu
... moreding a slave ship. This newer book is beautifully written -- Unsworth is a master stylist -- and there were moments when I was completely drawn in: I almost gave it four stars. But ultimately I found it unsatisifying: static, and almost hasty in the way the characters developed and the plot wrapped up. I can't recommend it. less
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Not as good as the first book Sacred Hunger (which was outstanding) but still engaging.
Recommended by Birkenhead Library (Auckland, New Zealand).
An interesting premise, but dryly executed.
Recommended by Donna.
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