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Last Man Vol. 1 (2014)

by Bastien Vivès(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 5
8865431597 (ISBN13: 9788865431597)
Bao Publishing
Last Man
review 1: It is the story of a boy, Adrian, who is learning martial arts but is short and therefore struggles to find a partner to enter a competition. A stranger, Richard, appears who also wants to enter the competition but does not know that a partner is required. They team up with fairly predictable results at first but the story ends on a cliffhanger as Adrian has to fight to save the contest.This comic is made of black-and-white line drawings (in the digital edition anyway)Recommended for lovers of martial arts comics.
review 2: Read as digital arc.The Stranger was a fascinating read. Going into the story, we didn't (and still don't) fully get a run-down on what exactly is happening. I mean, we're not totally lost because it's not like we're unfamiliar with tourname
... morents... I had a vague understanding from various manga or I was a little reminded of Avatar the Last Airbender. Anyway, it's fun not knowing the rules, because you can't tell what people are going to get away with. I was swiping through it quickly, because I'm looking for more information and I want to fully take in everything, but I want to know what happens next. Unpredictable and fun. less
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"Bordel Adrian! On t'apprend quoi dans ton école? A te faire botter le cul?"
Fort intéressant, je risque fort de dévorer la série.
Sympa le storyboard...
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