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Alice Hill In Silent Wonderland (short Story) (2014)

by T.M. Williams(Favorite Author)
4.76 of 5 Votes: 2
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review 1: I really enjoyed this novella! Things were confusing at first, and I kept thinking of Alice in Wonderland with the strange characters appearing at random times. As more pieces of the story began to come together, it made more sense. And then when I read the part about the prosecution starting to question further about the cave collapse, I realized that Alice was actually dead and the other people not seeing her made sense. Overall, the story was engaging and held my attention up to the very end!
review 2: I love stories that use Alice in Wonderland as their backdrop, and this one does it particularly well. There are a lot of subtle, creative references to Wonderland throughout the story. You have to pay particular attention to the characters, who don't alwa
... moreys bear similar names to their Wonderland counterparts. I'm definitely going to go back and reread this to pick up on any references I missed the first time through.But don't think this is just an Alice in Wonderland knockoff. While there are a lot of tributes to Lewis Caroll's novels built into the story, Alice Hill in Silent Wonderland is an original story. There's a bit of a mystery running through the story, so I don't want to say too much and risk giving anything away, but basically we follow Alice as she tries to keep out of trouble in Looking Mansion. She's there with her friend, Buck, who's on trial, and she ends up having to flee the mansion to avoid a crazy centaur running around. She meets a couple other visitors to the mansion, roams around the gardens a bit, and eventually makes her way back to the court room; and all the while, the mystery unravels for us, piece by piece, until that AHA! moment when everything clicks.It's a well-crafted story. In the beginning you have to have a little bit of faith in the story while the different threads are laid out and woven together, but then everything came together for me at the perfect moment and I was finally able to see how it all fit. It's a short story - just a little glimpse into this world the author has created - but there's a definite beginning and end. I wouldn't have minded it being longer, but it picks up with the characters and leaves off so naturally that I was satisfied with it as it was. It was a story I was able to read in one sitting, and well worth it. Alice Hill in Silent Wonderland was creative and engaging, and had me turning the page to see what happened next. Like I said, I plan on reading it again, and probably soon. less
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Very interesting. Held the twist till near the end.Can't wait til more come out!!!!!
Great story!! Couldn't put it down.
Awsome writer and loved the book.
Great book
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