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Penny Palabras - The Spectacular Revolver (Episode 01) (2013)

by James B. Willard(Favorite Author)
4.38 of 5 Votes: 4
Hollow Scene
review 1: Overall I found this to be a good first chapter in what I hope will be a great story. I'd say this introduction is interestingly mysterious, with just enough back story to make readers wonder why everyone else is more worried about the Straw Man than Penny is. If the advice is coming from those most likely long-gone from this Earth, can we as readers trust it? Perhaps future chapters will tell.This episode featured good art and interesting lettering, which gives the impression of reading a handwritten diary. It also offers an important lesson: Librarians are always helpful and full of need-to-know advice.Recommended reading for fans of "Cemetery Girl" by Charlaine Harris and Christoper Golden or "Brody's Ghost" by Mark Crilley.
review 2: James B Willard has gi
... moreven me the opportunity to take a look at the first issue of his Penny Palabras story — available through Amazon (just click the cover, as usual) — and I must say, it’s very interesting.Now, I will admit, it’s hard to decide what to say about a single issue of a larger story. I don’t have the whole plot, after all. But each issue does have a job: it has to establish some stage of the larger plot; in this case, it needs to introduce everything.This does very well.Let’s start with the fun stuff in graphic media: the art! Patrick K Beavers does a wonderful job. The comic is in greyscale, and this was a great stroke, I think, in maintaining the somewhat … let’s use creepy, creepy’s a good word, tone of the overall story. The lines are crisp — despite the monochromatic scenery, you can distinguish features; this puts this lightyears ahead of some of the offerings I’ve seen from DC or Marvel at times.The story itself, an introduction to, well, as the blurb says:Penny Palabras, 17, has experienced the paranormal for years. She knows that things aren’t always what they seem. Now, she’s tormented by a malevolent entity called the Straw Man. As she searches for ways to banish him from her life, she’s haunted by more than ghosts. Her nightmares won’t let her sleep, her friends and family can’t understand, and the Straw Man is getting more powerful every day.The setting, the characters, the story, all leave you wanting more — leave you needing that second issue. In this it does its job well. I’m not personally a fan of the issue-by-issue story arc format usually called “writing for the trades” and will lean more quickly toward the old-school episodic issues with occassional multi-issue stories, or just a good ol’ graphic novel. But, that’s me, and the comic universe right now is this. So who am I to judge?If you’re looking for something light-hearted and silly, I’d say stay clear of this. But if you want a good bit of paranormal thriller, with some suspence thrown in … or maybe that’s the other way around … whichever, you should certainly give this a read. Hell, it’s worth the $2.99 sticker price just for the artwork! less
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Really looking forward to the next installment. I'm captured. I need to know what happens next.
Awesome! A wonderful first issue! I love Penny and cannot wait for more!
Great story! Awesome art! Definitely recommend!
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