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Town In A Lobster Stew (2011)

by B.B. Haywood(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 3
0425240010 (ISBN13: 9780425240014)
A Candy Holliday Mystery
review 1: It's strange how competition , envy and jealousy can be there in a little town. But it works for the plot and also this second book of series is interesting and is a enjoy reading. Finally ,Candy know what is her call, to do the detective . I don't still understand the character of Ben, and if is new the fact that there aren't kiss or sex between two them ,still their relationship is a bit strange,Candy is smart but maybe a bit naive on men .I liked the environment , a little town in Maine where the life is simple and slow, and Candy as also her friend Maggie are very realistic characters.
review 2: Who knew a recipe could create so much chaos? When an award winning lobster stew recipe goes missing, Candy Holliday offers to help find the ledger book conta
... moreining the recipe, but before she makes any notable progress, dead bodies are found. Who could possibly want the ledger and the information it contains badly enough to kill for it? And will Candy get all the pieces in place and solve the mystery before she finds herself in hot water herself? Cape Willington, Maine, makes for a fresh locale for a cozy mystery series and many of the secondary characters are interesting, but I find myself often irritated by the protagonist's bumbling and her lack of common sense. Hopefully Candy Holliday will mature in the third installment of this series, or this reader will move on to a different series. less
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12.2014. Holly Hunter book, cute mystery, more books in a type of series. A few sware words.
I enjoyed the first one much more than this one. I never really felt engaged with this one.
it was ok as a cooking mystery
really like this series
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