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Three Hearts, One Soul (2000)

by Bec Botefuhr(Favorite Author)
4.41 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: beautiful beautiful book. wow. i can't believe how much i cried reading this book. just a word of warning.. anyone that may be embarrassed by crying in public, do not leave the confines of your home whilst reading this book..! this story is heartwrenching, and not just because the story is sad, but it is so easy to relate to. lost loves, sickness, anger, heartbreak. Bec Botefuhr has done an inspirational job writing this book and not only can I not wait until part 2 is released, but I will not be reading her other books as well.
review 2: I liked this book. I thought the characters were human and likeable, but the editing was terrible. I'm no English major and most days I slaughter the language in written and spoke form, but even I could spot glaring mistak
... morees in this book. The abrupt ending did not impress me either. I'm not sure why the authors now think it is okay to put out half a story and make us wait (and pay) for the other half! I don't get it?!?! Overall it was a good story and I look forward to diving into the second book to see if Whiskey is in as deep as she alludes to. less
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Oh wow amazing so sad I sobbed my heart out. Another great story from this author
Bec...what a wonderful story. 6 Stars.. It has it all. Can't wait for #2...
This book was so good it made me cry. I can not wait for the next part.
Omg i love this book why cant the other one come out already!!!!
Excellent book!
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