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A Death In Summer. Benjamin Black (2011)

by Benjamin Black(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 2
0330509152 (ISBN13: 9780330509152)
Picador USA
review 1: Oh dear. Oh my. Learn from my mistake. If you’re going to read this fourth Quirke book, read it yourself and run, very fast, from the audio version. I watched Gabriel Byrne as “Quirke” in the TV version. Lovely. Then I listened to the first three in the Quirke series on audiotape, narrated by Timothy Dalton. Absolutely extraordinary narration, even where in places the plot of each book became predictable (the books aren’t identical to the TV version, so it’s still worth watching Mr. Byrne and listening to Mr. Dalton). I will review the three narrated by Timothy Dalton later and give them much higher ratings.Then the switch came in the fourth audiobook in the Quirke series. It was a miserable surprise and a total letdown. I don't know John Keating's other narrati... moreons but he is a mere reader of this often charming prose, not an actor. He's not sardonic (a key to Quirke's character) and Mr. Keating narrates the other characters' dialogue abysmally, whether the character has an Irish Brogue or English with a French accent. I know that listening to this book has turned me off Quirke for a while. I may eventually read the rest of the books in the series, but I just can't bear to listen to Mr. Keating after hearing the exquisite work by Timothy Dalton.
review 2: I will start off right away saying that I did NOT like the narrator for this book. His play on dialogue was either monotone or mocking and I felt he made what was not the greatest book in this series pretty darn boring. This is unfortunately, the second time this past month that an installment in a series I have enjoyed has let me down. I will certainly check out the next Quirke novel, but I hope it gets back to the interesting story-telling that made me like the previous books. less
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I always think that he is a good writes, but this plot did not seem up to his usual par.
A quick read. Not a whole lot of suspense, and the ending lacked punch.
Series continues to interest me.
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