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La Rubia De Ojos Negros (2014)

by Benjamin Black(Favorite Author)
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Philip Marlowe
review 1: This story was OK. It was very Humphrey Bogart-esque in a Maltese Falcon sort of way. This was the forst I've read of a Marlowe detective story so I can't compare the writing as some of the previous reviewers have but it definitley has the '40s style to it. The talk, the descriptions, the mannerisms of the main and even ancillary characters is very '40s(this is my favorite movie genre, the 30's and 40's films)so I did enjoy that aspect. I could easily picture tis as one of those movies. The beautiful,distant woman who hires the regular, street smart guy dectective and all the twists and turns that result in finding the culprit. Don't know that I would recommend this one, I didn't like it that much but it was OK.
review 2: In general I have come to deplore the t
... morerend where authors pick up a character or series after the original author dies. Nonetheless, I was attracted to "The Black-Eyed Blonde" because its title sounded so Raymond Chandleresque, and guess what? It's the only part of the book that he actually wrote. I did enjoy the book. Benjamin Black is a good writer, and he was true to Philip Marlowe's character. But he doesn't write like Raymond Chandler. No one does. less
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Lucky for me that my first real foray into a detective novel was rather decent.
Wonderful. It has the real voice of Marlowe. Loved it.
Just couldn't finish this
So so at best.
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