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Why This World: A Biography Of Clarice Lispector (2009)

by Benjamin Moser(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 3
019538556X (ISBN13: 9780195385564)
Oxford University Press, USA
review 1: It's unusual for me to read a biography before I've read/watched much of the person I'm reading it about. However, I've only read one book of Lispector's, a lend from Marie, and it was amazing; I wrote pages of quotes from it. When I catalogued this book it intrigued me, and now that I've read it I'm more intrigued than ever. Lispector was an interesting woman: a genius, with unique ideas on spirituality and life. After surviving a rough childhood, Lispector forever searches to redeem herself for the guilt she feels over her mother's death (although she was not at fault) through her writing. She also forever searches for her idea of god. Her books are classified as hermetic, yet I can't wait to read more of them.
review 2: Critical biographies are, I think, oft
... moreen more about the biographer and his/her perspectives. The first third of this one had me believing it would be different. It's not. But, in spite of the critical slant seeking to "prove" Lispector's role as a "Jewish writer," and in spite of a real wont of editing that might have resulted in fewer repetitions, Lispector's life seems to shine through the verbiage. And it was an extraordinary writing life. less
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A really terrific book - even if he does refer to some women writers as "poetesses."
Wonderful book, though quite sad, and nothing I would ever read again because of it.
Um excelente documento sobre essa Esfinge da literatura brasileira.
benjamin me fez ficar obcecada novamente por clarice. doeu.
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