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Bianca (2012)

by Bertrice Small(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 2
0451237951 (ISBN13: 9780451237958)
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The Silk Merchant's Daughters
review 1: Florence and the Black Sea in the 15th century!Set in Florence and the area around the Black Sea, beginning in 1474, this is the story of Bianca, oldest daughter of Giovanni Pietro d’Angelo, a Florentine silk merchant. When his son’s indiscretion threatens to ruin the family, Giovanni is blackmailed into giving Bianca in marriage to the debauched blackguard Sebastiano Rovere. Rovere treats his delicate new bride abysmally and she loathes and fears him.Her mother, appalled at what has befallen her daughter, helps Bianca flee to a seaside villa where she meets Prince Amir, grandson of Memhet the Conqueror. Two years later, Bianca’s husband is murdered (I couldn’t have been happier), leaving her free to find love with Amir. She wants no husband and would have him for ... moreher lover, but neither Amir (who wants her for his 3rd wife) nor her mother (who considers him an infidel) accepts that decision. Ms. Small never holds back on the evil of others, so the beginning of the book shows in vivid terms the perversions of Rovere. But once we are at the sea cliff villa, beauty is restored. Amir is a gallant, romantic man who loves Bianca. And Bianca has changed from the docile, obedient daughter to a strong woman bent on her own destiny.It’s a fascinating look at the culture of the day in both Florence and in the world of the merchants of the Black Sea. A good start to a new series for Ms. Small.The Silk Merchant’s Daughters series thus far:BIANCA FRANCESCA LUCIANNA
review 2: I actually liked it overall. It was well described, horrifying, and yet it gave you some chance to empathize with the main heroine and feel something for her. But I felt like the whole book was rushed and areas of the storyline, which probably should have each been dedicated a good portion of the book itself, were just skimmed over way too much. There were entire areas of the plotline which could have made for beautiful, rich, intriguing plotline which could have really set up each and every character ... but instead, she rushed through it. The same went for the end. The end was... just not an end. It was summed up, not shown, it was only a few pages when it honestly could have done with several CHAPTERS, and I was left feeling pretty much frustrated. Maybe the author had a wordlimit she had to keep under. I don't know. But I know that she could have created an interesting story twice as long as the one that was published. Edit:It just occurred to me that I was reading the book ... and I was picturing a woman. A mature woman who could, even if it was effing awful, be able to care for herself. Like on the cover. Not a 14 year old kid. I suddenly feel... a little bit sick, actually. Suddenly I'm picturing... urgh. It also occurred to me that... she spent pages, chapters, on the sexual abuse of the heroine. But barely touched on intimacy between Bianca and the man she loved? 14? Seriously? I must have blanked this out. Taking two stars off JUST for that. less
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Very standard Small. Lots of sex, all written the same way.
love the book ... love all her books ...
she does it again!on to book 2
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