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Nothing But Ghosts (2009)

by Beth Kephart(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 4
006166796X (ISBN13: 9780061667961)
review 1: This first person narrative brought me into the world of grief with imagery and characters that wove together. I especially liked the bits of art, Barcelona and gardening and the way Kephart describes them. At times, I felt she got lost in descriptions and needed to use more of the mystery. But I plan to read more of her writing for the joy of those words she uses. I am anxious to get her book on memoir when it comes in from the library.
review 2: It's easy to get lost in the world of this book. The setting teeters on unbelievable, just because of the amount of money both Katie's family and the owner of the garden where she works possess. Kephart's writing is one minute to the next, with memory flashbacks. The ending is not predictable, but not a surprise. The
... moreclues are hard for a reader to add up on their own, but are presented in a manor that make sense when added up. I thoroughly enjoyed the development of her mother and father's characters. Katie takes care of her dad as compared to him taking care of him. Situated in his own world of paintings and days gone by, he rises every morning to cook whimsical breakfasts that he insists Katie eat. The book and it's characters are not very believable, but lovable just the same. less
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to me it seemed like a lot of pages of nothing. not much happened. and not very memorable.
Remarkably poetic and quiet. Very touching, very beautiful in its simplicity.
Nicely written YA coming-of-age mystery with enjoyable characters.
She writes like a poet...this is haunting and lovely.
it was introsting how this girl could see ghost
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