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Tutto Su Stephen King (2009)

by Bev Vincent(Favorite Author)
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8820049228 (ISBN13: 9788820049225)
Sperling & Kupfer
review 1: This book was all sorts of marvelous. Not only is it full of interesting things about this brilliant author, but it also has little goodies for you to get your hands on. Copies of manuscripts of first drafts, handwritten editing, handwritten stories, you name it. It's almost as if you went digging through things you shouldn't have. There was plenty of things within this that I already knew, mainly from reading Stephen King's 'On Writing', but it was still very informative. The only thing I would watch out for: it may spoil some of King's books that you may not have read yet. Vincent goes into detail about several books and I know I haven't ready every book of King's that is discussed. Sometimes it gave me more information than I would have wanted before reading it. Other t... morehan that, I would seriously recommend any King fan to get their hands on this!
review 2: It's like stuff you could collect out of Stephen King's garbage and recycling if the restraining order didn't keep you at least 300 yards away!:)It's a cliche, sure, but if you're a dorky stalker-fan such as myself (I mean, I've actually hung out in front of his Bangor home hoping for a glimpse of even a shadow on the curtain), you shouldn't be without this fascinating peek into sections of his life you've probably never seen. Fun, fun, fun -- the paper artist in me just ate up the envelopes full of reproductions of things like his first comic book, a story in his high school newspaper and so on, manuscript portions with a copy editor's suggested corrections -- all great stuff. (My only complaint here is why did they HAVE to print "REPRODUCTION" on everything? I suppose it has to do with legal stuff. Oh well.) And one other thing -- I would like to thank the person responsible for the design of the envelopes that hold the reproduction ephemera. Instead of seals that have to be broken, making you wince as you wonder if you're destroying some masterwork, there's an easily moved piece of folded-over cardstock holding the envelope flap together.I want more, please! SK has published -- what are we up to? 60? 70? -- works, and this only covers a fraction of them. I would like to thank GroupOn, whose $20 worth of Barnes & Noble for $10 offer (which I bought BEFORE the Super Bowl ad), led me to this marvelous piece!! less
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My son gave me this for Christmas ... it is awesome !
All you want to know! This book inspired me!
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