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The Dark Tower Companion: A Guide To Stephen King's Epic Fantasy (2013)

by Bev Vincent(Favorite Author)
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0451237994 (ISBN13: 9780451237996)
NAL Trade
review 1: After the publication on 2012 of the last book of the Dark Tower saga, Stephen King's Magnum Opus entered an impasse for the first time in several years. Only the comic books related to it are still giving the fans new stories about the world of the Dark Tower. Discordia 2, the videogame published in the official website of the author hasn't been released yet, and the possible movie adaptation of the saga is still frozen after the different Hollywood studios decided not to step in. But in this very moment when Dark Tower fans are about to suffer from "cold turkey", Bev Vincent (author of some of the best books about Stephen King and his work, such as The Stephen King Illustrated Companion and The Road to the Dark Tower) has just published through NAL Trade The Dark Tower c... moreompanion.The Dark Tower Companion it's a book that any reader can pick up and enjoy, even those that haven't read the saga yet. Presented in very neat chapters, one can read the synopsis of each Dark Tower book, characters, places, crossovers and even continuity errors and mistakes. It's VERY likely that those who already read the saga will get enthusiastic and want to read the saga again.Some of the highlights of the book are the interviews. Bev Vincent interviewed most of the creative team that developed the different series of the Dark Tower comic books, Ron Howard (who acquired the rights to adapt the saga), Akiva Goldsman (the one who wrote the script for the adaptations), Brian Stark (developer of the Discordia videogames) and, the best interview of all: Stephen King himself, who talks about his involvement in the comic books, why he decided to be present in the saga as a character and gives some juicy details about stuff we didn't know (for example, that Roland had a sister named Clarissa, and that the story he'd like to tell is about Jericho Hill's battle.For those who'd like to "live" a little bit of the Dark Tower, it's mandatory to check the chapter with the map of Manhattan and the references in it to the saga. And the book ends with a compressive glossary of the saga, a detail about Roland's enemies and the meaning of the ending of the saga.I read the whole saga four times already (without The Wind through the Keyhole, which I only read once) and now it has been seven years since the last time I picked up those incredible seven books. It's one of my all-time favorite sagas and I keep repeating myself that I have to read it again but I'm always short on time. But after reading Bev Vincent's book, I'm focused to join Roland and his Ka-tet again very soon. And I don't have a doubt that anyone who reads this book will feel the same.And, of course, I'm eagerly waiting for Steve to announce he's writing a new story about the last gunslinger of a world that had moved on.
review 2: It's Dark Tower related...I'm supposed to love this, and yet I don't. Unlike other books where the writing is poor or the story doesn't quite gel, this book is bad simply because it's too good. You're going to find out a lot of information here...the problem is, it's TOO MUCH information. The amount of info in this book is exhausting, and in my opinion, complete overkill. It includes in-depth looks at all of the books, graphic novels, video games, upcoming film adaptations, characters, geography of the book's setting, etc, etc, etc.It's well and thoroughly researched, but in the end it just reads too much like a textbook to be really entertaining. less
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...and of course, I finish reading this on Friday, the 13th. :-)
Very useful in untangling details of the Dark Tower epic.
My Dark Tower Bible!
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