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Where's Mommy? (2014)

by Beverly Donofrio(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 2
0375987800 (ISBN13: 9780375987809)
Schwartz & Wade
review 1: I found this a delightfully fun book with the detailed illustrations and the hunt that Maria and her friend, Mouse go on. Comparing Maria's living space with Mouse's is a good part of the fun. However, the size of the illustrations makes this more appropriate for one on one reading so that the small details can be studied. There is plenty of typical McClintock adorableness here that kids are bound to love, plus the idea of the two girls searching for their 'missing' moms is portrayed in a really cute way. A thoroughly enjoyable read that I can heartily recommend.
review 2: Maria and Mouse Mouse are secret friends. One is a human and the other a mouse. No one must know that they are friends their parents would never approve. One night they get ready for be
... mored and call for their mom. Neither mouse nor Maria can find her. They end up on a search around the house to find our where their mommy is. The illustration are absolutely darling. It illustrates two different houses the mouse and Maria’s house on the same page. Incredibly clever writing and pictures. I loved this story. less
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Nice surprise ending with charming illustrations. A book for a reader who likes to look carefully.
Adorable look at friendship...with a twist. Very cute story and the illustrations are delightful!
Side by side stories of a mouse and a girl looking for their moms. :)
Great story and illustrations.
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