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The Trip (2011)

by Bianca Sommerland(Favorite Author)
3.24 of 5 Votes: 2
Noble Romance Publishing
review 1: The Trip has a Sexy cover (ok well the bottom part of the cover is Sexy as Sin). Shawna is alone with a man who is hotter than sin and dark and even possibly a little dangerous. Will she let her guard down and test out this hotter than sin man or is she too afraid to find out how Good he can be? Hint From the book: "Hmm . . . interesting reading material. Have you tried the tie 'em up and beat 'em stuff, or do you just fantasize about it?" Sneaky Ba$+ard that he is paid that man… lol. Oh wow really they were….? Well you gotta read the book to figure out who they are to each other.
review 2: Shawna was bored on the bus trip back from an art show. She kept herself busy reading an erotic BDSM novel until there is an unplanned stop by her bus driver due to mec
... morehanical difficulties. When she is gathering her belonging to exit the bus she is approached by another passenger who has been watching her and finds her choice of reading material interesting. He accompanies her off the bus and dominates her while they have a BDSM sex scene on the side of the road.Even though its really short this is a great book that has you questioning whether the consent was mutual or not. But it sure is sexy and the ending is AMAZEBALLS !!!!for more reviews visit welovekink(dot)com less
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2/5/ 2 stars; C+Meh. Could have been better with more character development.
A bit too much for my personal liking though the writing was great.
Pretty quick lead in and it was hot but a little to quick for me.
Did not see that ending coming...
Short but good
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