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"They're Bankrupting Us!": And 20 Other Myths About Unions (2012)

by Bill Fletcher Jr.(Favorite Author)
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0807003328 (ISBN13: 9780807003329)
Beacon Press
review 1: I'm not a union guy. Mainly because I'd heard several of the "myths" presented in this book growing up, and because unions that I've been compelled to join throughout my life have been particularly ineffectual.But this book is really good. It successfully tears down a lot of the untruths that are out there, and additionally points out that some of the beliefs about unions (such as corruption) do exist on some level (and that is intolerable.)This book would be recommendable for you (or someone you know) especially if they/you are politically conservative but also open-minded and receptive to other viewpoints.
review 2: I received a free copy of this book from GoodreadsI always have been interested in the role that unions have played in our working history. I als
... moreo had a great history teacher who was a big union supporter. I live next to a state that has watched their governor cuts their collective bargaining rights and the uproar that’s caused. As well as a long and drawn out strike in our state that seems will never end with Crystal Sugar.The book is filled with a lot of great information and facts that I hadn’t read before. There was some history that I was familiar with but was enriched further by what was in this book. I’ve never considered the roll that unions played in social causes rather then just the basic working conditions. I thought the history of the unions in politics especially interesting. I always considered that Democrats were affiliated with unions because of the FDR presidency.I would have liked to see a different format for the book. I didn’t care for the chapters being started with a myth, then Fletcher laying out his argument against it. I thought the arguments could have been easily made against the myths or opened more questions for me. I definitely enjoyed the book and I couldn’t really say what layout would have been a better fit.I enjoyed the book once I sat down and read it but definitely would have like to see the book laid out in a different format. less
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Why do people love myths more than facts? It's strange. This is a great read.
A lot about which to think. Definitely worth a read.
Good info, boringly presented.
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