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Dark Banquet: Blood And The Curious Lives Of Blood-Feeding Creatures (2008)

by Bill Schutt(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 2
0307381129 (ISBN13: 9780307381125)
review 1: I thought I might have to give up on this one. Couldn't read it whilst eating (which is when I do a LOT of reading, especially at breakfast and dinner). Couldn't read it right before bed. Keep getting grossed out...apparently it is difficult to do vampire bat research without getting overly familiar with the inner workings of slaughterhouses (that is, if you want to feed your bats). On the other hand, this is really an interesting book...if you want to entertain your preteen nephews with gross facts about bloodsucking things. But why oh why didn't the author stick to bats? I suspect he had some over ambitious editor who told him that a book about bats wouldn't be enough of a book. Editor, you were wrong. Bats are clearly what this guy cares about. The rest of the book was ... morekind of haphazard and meh. But still gross.
review 2: I will agree with many of the reviews and say that the author is very enthusiastic about bats and not much else. The part dealing with bats is nicely organized while the rest of the book seems to be a little haphazard. It is still filled with great facts and anecdotes, but it can be difficult to follow his train of thought sometimes. I would advise reading parts two onward more slowly than part one, and I do wish the other creatures such as leeches and bed bugs would have been elaborated on the same way that bats were. I would recommend this book more about blood and the history of humans and blood more than the actual creatures featured. less
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Just a few chapters in and I am enjoying it but not a book to read in bed.
I liked this book..must be that biology degree.
Seriously? It gave me the creeps to read this.
Not another teen vampire book.
stay tuned...
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