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From Cape Town With Love (2010)

by Blair Underwood(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 5
1439159122 (ISBN13: 9781439159125)
Atria Books
Tennyson Hardwick
review 1: LOVED it. I'm so glad to see that the Tennyson series hasn't run out of steam. Note: don't read this book while you're pregnant...and raising toddlers. LOL! I was in tears through all the Nandi sections. :-( I think the truth of her paternity was brilliant...or maybe I'm just naive. It takes me a while to get things in movies. But while one could expect this to have a predictable ending, I really don't know WHAT to expect from this team of authors and I was truly rooting for the home team the whole time. I love how Ten's character and family have developed and I can't wait to read the fourth book! WHO THE HECK IS MARSHA?!?!? Ten is far too comfortable with not having any answers about her identity!!!
review 2: The story had a slow start, introducing read
... moreers to all the characters. Once Tennyson was forced out of the kidnapping case by the FBI, the story starts to pick up. With the Tennyson series it's not so much about the mystery it's about his life. The growing relationship between Tennyson, Chelsa and his dad made a good backstory. I still don't know how I feel about Marsha, she's one of those either-you-hate-her-or-you-don't characters. I loved the ending, I felt it was a good resolution for Tennyson, a sort of self-discovery about himself. less
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Best of the three...really like the smarts of Ten's new friend. They need to team up!
Another great story with a little twist at the end! Can't wait for the next one!!
I LOVED this book! Action packed from begining to end.
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