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Slow Burn: Zero Day (2013)

by Bobby Adair(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 3
Slow Burn
review 1: I really didn't know what to expect when I picked up this book. I've read some really terrible zombie novels and some really good ones. Slow Burn has to be in my top five favorites. It is raw, real and gritty. The main character, Zed, is a guy with no ambition other than getting drunk and high. That is until the zombies show up! This no account human being, who is wasting his life, suddenly realizes that if he wants to live then he has to fight for it. Let me tell you, that's exactly what he does! He fights for it with everything he's got. At first he was grating on my nerves because he just seemed like a cynical jerk. As the novel progresses he's a lovable, cynical jerk and can kick some zombie butt! I will say, this book is not for the young as there is profanity and gor... moree throughout. Adair know how to freak you out as there are several tense moments. At one point I was clutching my tablet, hard, and I didn't realize it until that scene was over. I'm already on Book 3 of the series. Mr. Adair, you have a new fan. The thing that irritated me was that the characters would use each other's name profusely. It was "Zed this, Zed that, Murphy this, Murphy, Zed, Jerome, Zed, Zed, Zed, Murphy, Jerome." It was almost like they began every sentence or ended every sentence with each other's names. It was a bit annoying, but not enough to take away from the story because like I said, I'm finishing the series!
review 2: Absolutely LOVE this series. Can't get enough. Well written and emotionally gripping. From the jump we're thrown into this craziness along with the main character, Zed. Just like you would expect during a potential extinction event, there is no time to stop and think. So much action is happening at all times, which is what would be expected during an large scale viral outbreak. Adair only gives the reader just enough time to catch their breath, same as the main character, before we're on the move again. Everything you learn about Zed and his past, you learn on the move. No time to stop for a flashback. I love that. If you enjoy this genre, then I highly recommend this series. less
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Meh. Was I supposed to care about the main character? Hate him? I had a hard time telling.
My first zombie read - not a favorite genre for me.
quick read virus turns ppl into zombies. oh yeah..
oh soo goood
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