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Darker Than Black (2010)

by BONES(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 4
031607330X (ISBN13: 9780316073301)
Yen Press
review 1: It was recommeneded to me by a friend and I guess it was alright, but it had lots of faults.Firstly, I will never get over the way most manga heroines are ready to trust their whole life in the hands of a complete stranger (most often, young mysterious boy). She basically stalks the guy and goes all "you have to protect me, because i don't trust anyone else...Bitch, please....And the guy is ways reluctant, but just HAS to protect us. I really liked Muzik's side of the story (which means the manga gets interesting around vol. 4-5).Secondly, the art itself was very confusing, especially the moments in which they used powers.Basically, it has a lot of potential and the story could have been a lot better.
review 2: I believe this manga is more of a companion to th
... moree anime series. From the very first page, it was presented as if the reader should have already had some knowledge of the characters, their abilities and relations. It left me feeling a bit confused.With that said, if you have not seen the anime (like me), then at the very least it introduces you to the different characters and gives you an idea of what their conlficts may be about (which can also be viewed as a spoiler for some). It did leave me wanting much, much more. So because of that I have every intention of watching the anime.I recommend this manga ONLY if you have seen the anime, as I believe it will be more comprehensible for those who have. Those who have not, will find themselves scratching their heads and cursing the plot for feeling dry. less
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Great drawings, great story... I really like it.
chinese electric batman
Didn't make sense
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